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We are UK Based, Electronics Recycling and Distribution Company. We buyback electronic devices from end-user individuals & corporates and after rigorous processing, we recycle these to end-user customers individuals or corporates. We look forward to doing business with new customer and build good relationship with our customers. We are continuing to expand and develop our products lines, evolving along with our customer need So, we always aim to have the latest and trendiest items available for sale.

We have vast experience in the electronic phone industry. We offer a solution for redundant mobile phones to be sourced and graded for the competitive industry of recycling. This helps the environment by preventing mobile phones from ending up in landfill sites.


  • All devices at Haiman Ltd. go through our rigorous inspection and testing criteria. Phones are tested for more than 20 individual tests.
  • Our attention to detail ensures that all our devices are of the Perfect functionality and relate cosmetic quality to mentioned grade.
  • We try our best to provide best possible experience for our new and regular customers with our best customer service in case of an unlikely event.

Test Points

  • Unlocked
  • Network Status
  • Powers on
  • IMEI No
  • Flash
  • LCD and Touchscreen
  • Earpiece
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Touch ID
  • Sensor
  • SIM card holder
  • Live Call
  • Cameras
  • All buttons working etc

A+ Grade or like new

Pristine, immaculate condition, perfect functionality, no marks or scratch at all with nominal previous usage.

A Grade

Excellent Condition, Used Smartphone, perfect functionality, no scratches/marks on the basel and almost perfect screens with no scratch or marks whatsoever with light previous usage.

A/B Grade

Very Good Condition, Used Smartphone, perfect functionality, may bear some micro to light scratches/marks with light to medium previous usage.

B Grade

Good Condition, Used Smartphone, perfect functionality, may bear light to medium Scratches/marks /Scuffs and light Chip/Dent with medium previous usage.

C Grade

Acceptable Condition, Used Smartphone, perfect functionality, medium to heavy Scratches/marks/Scuffs and may bear chips/dents with heavy previous usage.



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07867 866284

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